Monday, July 29, 2013

Absence doesn't always make the heart grow fonder...

Why do I say that?  Well the absence I'm referring to is cleaning.  My cleaning was very hit or miss this past week and my home is feeling it.  I have injured my hand and I have no idea how I did it but it keeping me from getting things done.  Normally (since I started this journey) I would just dust myself off and fix it today/this week.  Well, this particular week is very stressful because I have a very important job interview this week. Everything I have is going into preparing for it.  I feel that I'm setting myself up for failure this week. Being as I didn't do well last week and my week this week will be stressful, I don't feel as though I should add new tasks.  I need to try last week again and to be honest, I'll have to review what my tasks even are.  My menu for this week is so simple I don't feel like linking up :/ 

This week we're having:


Pork BBQ sandwiches on grilled buns
Parmesan Noodles


Hamburger Helper




Cheddar Potato Soup
Grilled Cheese

Argh. I just want to live through this week. Oh and come through it with my dream job. 

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