Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Nonnegotiable for the week and the Checklist.

Well I've been thinking for a few days about what I wanted to add to my "chorelist" this week.  Being as it is imperative that I learn how to take care of my home in a short amount of time, I think I'm going to add more than one thing but they are definitely doable.  I'm adding in what the flylady calls a "swish and swipe", sweeping the kitchen floor, and a weekly vacuuming.  

The swish and swipe is where you wipe down the toilet and sink area once daily and swish the toilet using a little cleaner.  Being as I used to do the swish and swipe everyday, I think it won't be too hard to get back into that habit.  As for sweeping the kitchen, I have the same problem that Nony the Slob has.  I don't notice through the week when the kitchen floor needs to be swept, so its just easier to do it everyday.

Also, every night this week when I have cleaned up the kitchen after dinner I've thought "I really want to sweep the floor."  I did probably three times, but this week I want to do it every day.  The day I will vacuum will probably vary.  I'm aiming for Sunday.  If I get it done before then, even better.

Today I...

Made bed

Did dishes

Did some meal prep (shrimp from earlier post and fruit prep after grocery shopping)

Wrote the Meal plan for this week! Excited for that one tomorrow, even though it will be a late post as I'm going to be out all day.  Have a great week!!!!

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