Friday, September 6, 2013

Excellent Day (For a Slob)

So today was one of those days that is rare for a slob like me.  I accomplished a lot.  I made the trip to the post office to return something to amazon that I had been putting off, had lunch with my husband on his lunch break, and got the car detailed after first cleaning it out and removing a stain I had been staring at for months. It came out immediately.  Later, I did the dishes, made dinner, did the dishes again, shined my sink, swept the kitchen, did a focused 5 minute pickup, did a swish and swipe, did a load of laundry including hanging it all up, laid out clothes for tomorrow, wiped down the coffee table where we had dinner, de cluttered a chair, filed some receipts, had some "me" time, snuggled with one awfully cute pup, and just now got the coffee pot ready for the morning, refilled h Brita pitcher, took the shrimp and chicken out of the freezer for tomorrow to thaw (in fridge), brushed my teeth and hair and I'm ready for bed...before 11....I never get in bed before 12:30....and I don't feel worn out.  I feel fantastic.  I also feel like I really tried to "fly" today. Friday is the day to clean out your car...did that.  September is when you work on the habit of your before bed routine...I did that. Including checking the calendar, locating my keys, and thinking if I needed anything else at my launch pad.  This is the most successful day I've had in a long time. I'm going to celebrate by going to bed and getting up early.

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