Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So Many Thoughts...Scatterbrainedness Keeps You From Getting Tasks Done.

I'm noticing a pattern: My ability to forget my blog exists until its time to post for Menu Plan Monday.  Okay. I don't forget that it exists, but I also don't always know what to blog about.  (For the record I didn't post this week for Menu Plan Monday, as our meals are VERY basic while we're continuing to clean out the fridge and pantry to prepare for our move.)

As far as my tasks go, my week last week started out fabulously, getting the basics done as well as some Flylady challenges - things I've always wanted to do but hadn't tried yet. As with anything else in my life though, it went downhill.  I am easily overwhelmed.  This is why I'm in this situation to begin with.  I find myself not able to post my daily checklist unless I accomplished every little task and this blog is supposed to be about HONESTY.  I can't even be honest with myself! longer!  I will try to give an honest update each day.  As you've probably noticed I am attempting to use Flylady's system again.  I am trying to not be overwhelmed by everything she offers. I am using "Flylady Lite" which means only one email a day.  I am definitely only "fluttering."  I look forward to a day I can "Fly."

I do have to wonder, why this keeps happening to me.  I feel as though I need to examine my life.  I do know, as I'm reading A Slob Comes Clean that I definitely have what Nony refers to as "slob vision."  It is almost impossible for me to see a mess until its taken over my coffee table, or dining room table, or kitchen counters, or bathroom floor...the list goes on. I also have a tendency to "get things out" and have papers and things everywhere and get overwhelmed to the point I don't think I can put them away.  At my age this sounds ridiculous to me. I am also having trouble with consistency.  Some days I am gung-ho and want to clean all day while others I can barely get out of bed.

On a side note, I am a very scatterbrained person.  My thoughts bounce around a lot from what I should be working on.  Just working on this post, my brain is bouncing around with all of the different things I want to say.  Perhaps if I post more often, I won't have so many different things I want to talk about...

I do know that part of the problem with my inconsistency is back pain and swollen ankles.  I have the type of job where you stand for your whole shift and I can barely stand any longer by the time I get home.  I try to trudge on long enough to make dinner and get the dishes done (at least since I've started this blog) but I don't always do much else.  My schedule is also wompy.  Different every week.  Open some days, close others, never have the same day off.  It makes it hard to have a consistent bed time as well.  Some days I decide that my bed time will be 10:30.  However, on days when I don't get home until 9, that means I only get an hour and a half to myself which would mostly be spent feeding Nate (he waits until I get home to eat dinner), doing the dishes, and my before bed routine.  This is why I usually end up in bed at midnight.  I also lay there for an hour before falling asleep.

I would be curious to know how any readers...if there are any readers...balance your schedule when it is inconsistent...the only thing I've tried to do is get tasks done before I go to work on days I close so that I don't have to do them when I get home. I am also trying to be more aware of my messes and not get them out if I don't have sufficient time to put them away.  For instance, today I have to be at work at 2 so I haven't gotten any materials out.  I am just relaxing before doing some tasks.  I have a load of laundry going, so as long as I get it folded and put away I should be in fairly good shape.

I just still have this nagging fear that when we move in a few weeks my bad habits will follow me!  I really hope this isn't the case.  Nate and I have decided we are going to unpack one box at a time and put everything in its place, and if we're not sure where that thing should go, we have to strongly consider not keeping the item.  We are also going to do our daily tasks from day one.  Yes it may take us a little longer to get our boxes unpacked, but in the long run we'll be much better off.  If I can only learn some consistency.  Having a checklist by my side at all times is a MUST.

In the future, I do have some things to share with you (beyond my daily tasks) which I'm excited about.  Some examples are the app I've found that helps me keep my tasks in check, a full review of, and more information about "Flylady."

Stay Tuned!

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