Sunday, September 1, 2013

Checklist and a Revelation...

Wow.  Two days in a row.  Feels good!

Today I:

Made the bed (Nate).

Did the dishes and shined my sink.

Wiped down the countertops.

Swept the kitchen floor (I may have done this twice.  I couldn't remember if I did this today.  Nathan said I probably did, - he also said that forgetting if you've swept the kitchen because you've been cleaning so much is a good problem to have).  I wasn't sure so I swept it then.

Checked the bathrooms for clutter.

Swish and swipe (Nate did most of this as I as teaching him how I do it in case I get sick or something.)  Its amazing how different he did things than I do.  He missed a lot of surface area on the mirror and counters.  Oh well.

Wiped down the coffee table (where we typically eat dinner for lack of dining room table at the moment.)

Five-minute focused pick-up.  REVELATION!  The couch and coffee table were picked up and all other chores had been done so most of the five minute pick-up happened with "decluttering" some things! I believe we are starting to reap the benefits of our efforts here!!!

Wiped down the fridge handles.  I'm not going to tell you how many times I opened the fridge door only to feel something sticky on the handle and not do anything about it.  Hey! In my defense, Nate didn't either.  Okay I'm done crying now.

Have a great Labor Day tomorrow!  I was supposed to grocery shop today but I'll be doing that tomorrow after I get off work at 2 and before I head to my parents' house for a cookout.  I'm looking forward to Menu Plan Monday.  I like those posts and I enjoy reading others' menu plans as well.  Mine for this week involves some new recipes because we're starting to run out of our pantry items.

See you tomorrow!!!

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