Wednesday, September 18, 2013


So its after midnight...12:06 to be exact.  Nate asks me if I'm ready for bed. I look over at the clock...the clock on the microwave...the clock ABOVE the stove...the stove that is COVERED with dirty dishes from where I cleaned out the fridge.


I just realized it NEVER even occurred to me to do the dishes tonight, or any of my other chores.  I came home from work at almost 9, heated up some dinner, watched some "Once Upon a Time " on netflix (Love that show), and vegged out on the couch.  I tell the hubs that it hadn't even occurred to me to do the dishes or my which he barks about it and how I need to more aware then quickly changes his response to "or maybe I can help you out on the nights you close."  I like that answer better because I'm exhausted on those nights.  He said he would need a gentle reminder until it became a habit for him.  The sad thing is, once HE establishes a habit, he keeps it :/.  Oh. Fail.

So today I...

did nothing. (except for the laundry I did earlier!! That's still on our bed! ugh.)


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