Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Menu Plan Monday...on Tuesday again! Oh Labor Day...

So yesterday was a busy day...working (yes on Labor Day), grocery shopping, Labor Day-ing... Hubby and I got home late hence the lack of post for Menu Plan Monday.  But here it is today.

I am extremely excited to link up my menu this week with Orgjunkie.com for this particular Menu Plan Monday because I'm making some actual recipes this week that involve actual real cooking and not just making things out of a box. Don't get me wrong, I'm still making some things from a box, but not ALL of them are from a box.  Okay rambling over.

This Week's Menu:

(Labor Day Cookout)

Chicken Broccoli Shells with homemade Alfredo Sauce, Brussels Sprouts with Compound Butter, and Garlic Bread.  For the Alfredo Sauce, I'm going to make the sauce that Betty from bettyskitchen made on her "Chicken and Proscuitto Tortelloni Alfredo" video.  If you haven't seen her videos, you must.  She makes everything so simple.  Every recipe of hers I've ever made has been delicious.  The alfredo sauce in this video is the best I've ever had.



Crescent Pepperoni Roll-ups and roasted broccolini.  I've never made either of these things before but I'm super excited to try them out!!!  I'm going to attempt to make the marinara dipping sauce myself being as I had an extra can of tomato sauce laying around.  Our budget was tight this week. 


BBQ Shrimp using a shrimp I froze a while ago. Nate doesn't like shrimp so I'm sautéing up chicken breasts for him and I'm going to use some of the leftover chicken for tomorrow's dinner, alfredo noodles (from a packet oh well), salad, and garlic bread.

Today is an experiment.  A little while ago I accidentally purchased Pizza flavored mac 'n' cheese and we didn't know what to do with it.  We're going to try an experiment and make a chicken parmesan of sorts.  I'm adding the extra sauteed chicken breast from Saturday night and covering it with mozzarella cheese. We'll be having salad and garlic bread with this and I'll let you know how it turns out (hopefully if I remember.)

So that's it! This week's menu plan.  I'm more than a little excited. Menu planning has saved our life and our budgets!

Do YOU want to post YOUR menu plan for this week?? Well you should!  Lots of great people link their menu plans up every week with Laura at orgjunkie.com and that's exactly what I'm doing!! Go over and visit NOW!! :) If you click "now" it will take you to this week's edition of Menu Plan Monday! Cheers!!

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