Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hi...Remember me? Checklist!

So...its been OVER a month since I've last blogged...I'm pretty sure Nony the Slob has never done THIS! Granted, I'm still reading her blog, but she is very consistent.  My life has become a ball of stress lately, but I wanna get back on the wagon.  Strangely enough, I have been doing my tasks MOST of the time.  I haven't done ALL of my tasks EVERY DAY, but I've done enough.  So tonight, I read back through all of my posts.  One thing I noticed is I REALLY need to edit my posts.  Words are missing, thoughts are incomplete.  It is clear I KNEW what I meant, but I'm sure no one else did.  At this point my blog is still so new, I have 0 followers.  Down the road, this long pause will be just a blip on the radar that is my life blog.  Why do I mention this? It makes me feel like I can dust myself off and try again.  Do I remember all the things I'm supposed to be doing? Not really no, but I will fix that.

Before I get to the checklist, I want to explain a little why I've been gone for so long.  Did I get my dream job??? Drum roll   As Maxwell Smart would say, I "missed it by that much."  I had another job interview a week later.  I didn't get that job either. I didn't take the bad news well.  I sulked majorly.  Everything in my life became unimportant.  On another fun side note, we've been given an eviction notice.  No, we weren't actually given an eviction notice from family but they did point out that it is time for us to go.  Originally, this would have been the scary weekend I was dreading where we were supposed to move in to our new condo (meaning keeping it clean and sticking to the scary tasks consistently) so the fact that we were asked to leave wouldn't have been a big deal...except...the condo isn't ready...and it won't be...for the foreseeable future.  At least until Sept. 8th, and I have a feeling it will be more like October, so Nathan and I are packing yet we have no idea where we're going.  Let's just say our family isn't on the same page about us having to move and having our new place ready so we can move (don't ask.) I made it clear to Nathan that I wanted to do our daily tasks regardless of the progress we've gotten done with packing because I think if we don't do them, it will only make matters worse.  We are also trying to de-clutter and it is going well.  Also, we've been doing really well with budgeting and sticking to our meal plan.

Today I (we):

Made bed (Nathan)

Did the dishes (I did some and Nate did the rest)

Put last night's dishes away

Swept and wet-swiffered the kitchen floor (I have a brand new mop and I'm determined to save it for our new place.)

Swish & Swipe (also wiped down the walls of the bathtub and I'm going to scrub the tub tomorrow)

Cleaned out the bathroom drain (Nathan)

Wiped down the coffee table (Nathan)

Five minute pick-up (just me while Nate cleaned out the bathroom drain.  He has determined I have too much hair.)

I feel very good about what we accomplished today.  I plan on vacuuming tomorrow before work.  I worked Friday, Saturday (today), tomorrow, and Monday.  So I wanted to make sure we did our tasks because I might be exhausted in the coming days.  I know I haven't posted a meal plan, but tomorrow night we're having Potato Leek soup and Monday we're going to my parents' for dinner.  I plan on posting for Meal Plan Monday!  We'll see!!! It's good to be back!!!!

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