Thursday, July 18, 2013

Checklist...Checklist...and a window into my psyche

So...I didn't post last night about my checklist and honestly I don't remember if I posted the day before...however, I know that everything on my list was done except last night's sweeping...I cleaned the whole bathroom except the tub yesterday and plan to do that....eventually...I was extremely tired last night and for some reason my wrist has been killing me so my dear sweet Hubby did the dishes last night.  For today's checklist...

Made bed (Hubby again because he was the last one in it)

Put away yesterday's clean dishes (Hubby so that I didn't have to lift them...he needs a medal or something.)

Did dishes

Swish and swipe

Made our meal plan for next week which I will post and link up on Monday.  I am super excited that tomorrow is pizza night.  Makes my life easy.  Also means Saturday night is pizza night.  We have a local pizza place with cheap pizzas so hubby and I have decided it was worth it to get pizza once a week if we feel that we've earned it (a.k.a. kept up on the chores.)

I also did a load of laundry, and folded/hung up the clothes.  I also reorganized some of our clothes drawers and put away all of the clothes that had been washed over the last month and that were piled on our floor instead of put away.  Now...when I say I "reorganized" our dresser drawers that implies that they were organized at one time...hahahahahahahaha (maniacal laugh! maniacal laugh!) They weren't.  You want to hear something that will make me sound completely and utterly crazy? I'm telling even Freud wouldn't be able to figure me out.  Sometimes...I have a type A know...the people who want things to be perfect ALL the time.  I sometimes think that's why my home is always a wreck...I know I can't keep it perfect and I figure why bother at all???  Anyway, the reason I brought this up is because I own a t-shirt folder (think Sheldon Cooper here - same exact one.)  I like shirts folded perfectly and when they are folded perfectly I can cram fit a ton more in a dresser drawer.  Hubby happens to own TONS of t-shirts so I figured it was a good investment.  The problem with the t-shirt folder is it lays flat...meaning its a perfect thing to pile things on and isn't worth the trouble to unbury the thing when I need it so clothes in up shoved into drawers and all wrinkly.  Hmmm...I forgot my point.  Anyway, I dug the thing out and used it and was able to get all of the clean clothes put away.  I'm still tackling laundry mountain but I'm doing that a day at a time.  One day, I will show you my sorting system.  It makes me look like a type-A personality as well.  I swear I'm not...I don't think...the tons of stuff we own says I'm not.

I will however say that doing my tasks everyday is slowly changing our lives. The de-cluttering we've tried to is actually making an impact BECAUSE the things we've already cleaned are staying clean...and I love looking at a clean and tidy coffee table and couch that doesn't have clothes or papers all over it.  Soon I plan on tackling our pantry which I will write a post about with pictures.  Argh.  I hate the idea of pictures (as you can probably tell because my blog has very little pictures.)

Side note - the pork chops I threw in the crock pot turned out fabulously.  I froze the shredded pork BBQ for a future meal.  I originally wanted to use them next week but I think I will wait for a week where buns are in the budget.

Anyway I've rambled on pointlessly enough for one blog post.  I promise I have some great ideas for future posts that I can't wait to write.    I know the checklist posts aren't riveting but I NEED THEM.  They help me stay accountable.  I do need to get more consistent with them...I promise to want to try to get better.

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